The Way of Saint James is the main source of inspiration for the Itínere jewelry collection. Discover the wide variety of pieces made with silver designs and torch-fired enamels, whose creation embodies the entire tradition of the goldsmiths who have passed on their technique through the centuries.

Since the first pilgrims began the Way in the 9th century, thousands of kilometers have been travelled from all over the world with one common goal: to reach Santiago de Compostela and visit the tomb of the Apostle Santiago.

When pilgrims arrived in the city, they were given an accreditation and a scallop shell to be placed on their hats or clothes. Thus, not only was it a system to differentiate those pilgrims who had already visited the tomb, but it was a way to honor the Apostle.

The pilgrim’s shell, which began as a way to distinguish those who had already visited Compostela, has become one of the symbols of the Way of Saint James.

Fink wanted to pay homage to the pilgrim and all the visitors of the city with this collection, where the scallop shell is renowned in the Itínere: earrings, bracelets, necklaces and even sterling silver shell-shaped cufflinks. A fantastic way to get hold of a souvenir from Santiago that will last over the years.