The history and present of Fink

After years working in several jewelry workshops, the brothers Enrique and Javier Fink decided to set up their own company to develop their creations with freedom. Thus, the small workshop of Fink Orfebres was opened in Santiago de Compostela in 1993. Our modern facilities have incorporated the latest machinery and design, always following the motto coined to identify the Fink brand: tradition and avant-garde.

The art of creating jewelry is synonymous with tradition in Santiago de Compostela. Silver and Black amber are present in the history of Compostela, as they give name to two of the most prominent places in the city: the Platería Square and the Azabachería Square. These two locations were the nerve centre where the goldsmiths’ workshops dedicated to working with both materials were concentrated. .

Inspired by our roots...

Fink Orfebres is based on Celtic roots as well as on the traditional legacy of master goldsmiths in Compostela together with contemporary design. This combination allows us to create pieces that will remind you of the past while looking ahead to the future.

Our job is to design, manufacture, and sell jewelry while preserving the tradition that has been kept alive for centuries by the goldsmiths of Santiago de Compostela.

We maintain this tradition by adapting it to new designs and market trends. In so doing, we create a bridge between the past, the present and the future participating in the great legacy offered by the Galician capital.

Jet in Santiago

The history of jet in Galicia has its origin in the pilgrims who arrived in Santiago de Compostela. The wayfarers used to bring with them pieces of a dark and very resistant material to Compostela. Once there, pilgrims gave the pieces to the master goldsmiths so that they could carve a jewel that would always bring back memories of the experience. Several centuries have passed from this tradition to the present day, but the way of dealing with this mineraloid stone remains intact. In fact, the hardness of the jet is precisely what results in its main feature, since few pieces related to the world of jewelry are as resistant and durable as this characteristic material is.

About us

At the Fink workshop, the most innovative treatments are used in the jewelry manufacturing process, always betting on the tradition acquired in some of the oldest workshops in Santiago de Compostela. Thanks to them we have learned how to use materials and techniques from past centuries that are currently at risk of disappearing.

Therefore, the entire team at Fink Orfebres strives to keep alive the wonderful goldsmiths’ craft by developing and commercialising this type of centennial jewelry. We apply the most advanced technology and ancestral expertise to offer the market unique pieces, handmade by our master craftsmen.


The most avant-garde lines of jewelry design occupy a prominent place in Fink Orfebres. By providing a twist to the most classical sketches, we get to reach less traditional customers. We give shapes and finishes to pieces that allow them to set common materials with more exclusive ones.

Silver and jet are a symbol of identity associated with the Fink Orfebres brand, not forgetting gold and torch-fired enamels. The research and tenacious work carried out by professionals who work in our workshop have led us to explore with materials such as rubber or silk as well as with rhodium plating and gilded jewelry, among others.

However, the use of these materials would be worthless without the arduous and thorough manufacturing process of each piece. Following an exhaustive quality control, each jewel from the Fink Orfebres collections is made by expert hands that deal with the product with safety and care, which guarantees the pieces will always reach the stores in excellent conditions.